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It's Okay to Have a Day Job

As a singer-songwriter in L.A., Keira Moran is familiar with the hustle and grind that it takes to build and sustain a career as an independent artist. Over the last few years, she has worked on maintaining a work-life balance that pushes her to succeed, but at her own pace and on her own time table. Read ahead to learn more about how her journey as a musician in L.A. and the importance of embracing the many different paths that lead to success as an independent artist.

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From Concept to Creation: Creating A Space for Artists With Honne Magazine

Lola Desmole is a journalist based in Paris who specializes in writing about all things fashion, art and culture. She writes for both French and American publications and within the last year launched a new online magazine, Honne, that provides a space for writers, visual artists, and other creatives to express themselves without the obstacles that are often associated with breaking into artistic industries. Read on to learn about the inspiration behind Honne and the lessons that Lola learned while launching an online platform.

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